March 10, 2010

Children's Book Giveaway by Little Red Reading Nook

Salam all,

Aiyohh..just back from blogwalking and found about this giveaway..So, I decided to join it.yeay!! Below is some details that you might want to know. For more, please click the banner below..

Hmm..Yusra love soooo much to read books.. Just imagine what will she do with this cute Maisy's Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book? Heee..bring out to the park and show off la to her neighbour..(ish.ish..ibu please behave ok!)..hahaha..

It's so easy to join it. Hopefully Yusra'll be the lucky luck for the grand prize. Just check the pic of the grand prize. Yummy of book! Isn't it?!!


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