February 4, 2010

Giveaway by Delicate Finger

Salam all,
There's another giveaway which has been organised by Aimila from Delicate Finger. For those who also like to join this g/away...click HERE please..

Waaaahh...(admiring)..Look at the bag. Such a pretty handmade bag kan?kan? It'll be my big helper whenever I'm outing for kenduri, weekend activity & somewhere else.. Ya la, bcoz of my collection is SOoo limited. Only 2handbags and the rest are coming from exhibition that I've visited - goodies bags..Huhuu very funny. Instead of balik kampung also still use goodies bag as my handbag..so lawak of me..

Kind like can't wait till the selection day. Hope that I'm the lucky one among the only three winner that she'll choose. Aaamiiinnnnn.....Hmmmm..(still dreaming).


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